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Sight Adjustment Tool (Elevation Adjustment) $4.95
Sight Adjustment Tool (Elevation Adjustment) Without the Tee to make it store in Buttstock Clean Kit $4.95
Sight Adjustment Tool (Elevation and Windage Adjustment) $12.95
Sling, Web green, Chinese, New with Leather ends $ 10.00
Sling, Web Khaki Color, with Spring Ends, New $12 .00
Sling, Black with Leather Ends $12.00 
Magazine, 20 round fixed                     NA
Magazine, 10 round fixed (Original) email for availability  $39.95
Buttstock Cleaning Kit $ 7.50
Gasport Cleaning Tool $ 4.00
Bayonet, Blade Regular $45.00
Bayonet, Blade Paratrooper Model  (out) Out
Bayonet, Spike Regular $15.00
Bayonet, Spike Paratrooper Model Out
7.62x39 Stripper Clips 10 for $ 11.00
Shell Deflector that fits on the sight (keeps brass from Hitting scope) $9.95
Bipod, Folding extendable legs Out
Bipod, Clip on Type extendable legs  out  
Scope, 4 x 28, mount and rings out
Handguard, wood, only  out $.00
Handguard, wood with gas cylinder tube out NA
Gas piston $45.00
Gas piston extension $16.00
Gas piston extension spring $4.00
Milled Gas Tube (No Wood Needed) US manufactured replacment Out
Training Manual $ 7.00
Manual, Deluxe Large 8.5X11 $15.00
Muzzle Brake Threaded 14X1 LH W Adapter for SKS                                     AK74 style or Krinkov style out
Adaptor only W/set screws $12.00

Exotic Ammo (Tracer, Incendiary, etc.) See Exotic Ammo Page


We have a variety of other SKS parts. Please check with us for availability.

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