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 Because of change in credit card provider We will no longer be able to accept credit cards for out of country orders. Please place order as usual and we will send a Paypal invoice.

Email garys615@aol.com  Ph 405-789-6896  
Sling, green web, new condition $19.95
Sling, green web, used (all parts there) $ 15.00
Sling, green web,M14E-2 $29.95
Sling, leather,1907, Post War, new, US contractor. $29.95
M14 stripper clips $1.00 each
10 for $ 9.50
M14 charger/speedloader $ 5.00
M14 box type charger with plunger                    out of stock - special order only $19.95
M14 buttstock cleaning kit $24.95
M14  buttplate, U.S. G.I.  email for availability  $34.95
M14 bayonet with sheath, New ,unissued  with excellent condition scabbard                        $75.00
Bolt –  stripped                                  call  for NA
Bolt –  complete                              availability NA
Bolt Parts:  

Ejector with spring        call or email for availability  US GI, not import


Ejector spring

$ 6.00

Extractor, new  US GI, not soft import


Extractor spring & plunger

$ 6.00
          Firing Pin, parkerized                                               very limited amount $45.00

Firing Pin, chrome, call or email for availability      very limited amount

Operating Slide, various manufacturers email
Trigger group complete – excellent to new for 






Training Manual $ 7.00
M14 Leather Cheekpiece $ 29.95
M14 Chamber Brush $ 3.50
M14 Bandolier, 6 Pocket $ 5.00
M14 Cardboards for Bandolier 6 for $ 3.00
M14 Bandolier Kit Without Charger $ 15.00
M14 Bandolier Kit With Charger $ 19.00
M14 Butt plate,  US GI      call or email for availability $34.95
M14 Recoil Springs, New US GI $ 10.00

Exotic Ammo (Tracer, Incendiary, etc.) See Exotic Ammo Page

We have other M1 parts available in limited numbers. Please Ask