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Because of change in credit card provider We will no longer be able to accept credit cards for out of country orders. Please place order as usual and we will send a Paypal invoice.

  Email  garys615@aol.com, Ph 405-514-6151  
1  Barrels ----  Email for availability  
  Barrel bands  
1-a Type 1,          Email for availability  
1-aa Type 1,      Excellent reproduction, hard to tell from US GI $29.95
1-b Type 2,          Email for availability  
1-c Type 2,          Cut down from used type 3 and refinished 29.95
1-d Type 3,          NOS  US GI  A marked , with bayonet lug $35.00
1-e Screw, US GI for Type2 or 3 band used, reparkerized $5.00
2  Front sights  
2-a New, late  US GI replacement $29.95
2-b Used , various manufactures               Email for availability             $35.00 and up  
2-c Key, NOS US GI $10.00
2-d Pin, NOS  US GI $3.00 each
2-e Piston, gas, used, US GI $ 12.00
2-f Nut, gas  piston. used, US GI $12.00
3 Sights rear  
3-a Stamped, type 3, used US GI, common $65.00
2-g Milled, type 2,  Email for availability  
2-e Flip, early type 1             Email for availability                       
2-f Flip, early, reproduction $34.95
4 Bolt  
4-a Bolt –  complete                               Email for availability  
  Bolt Parts:  

Ejector with spring , late      US GI, not import

4-c           Ejector with spring, early     US GI $12.00

Ejector spring

$ 3.95

Extractor, new  US GI, not soft import   , common

4-k           Extractor , various manufactures     Email for availability  

Extractor spring & plunger

$ 6.00
4-m           Firing pin, common   , used US GI $20.00
4-n           Firing pin, various manufactures US GI, Email for availability  


5 Operating Slide, various manufacturers, Email for availability  
5-a Operating Slide Stop, early $10.00
5-b Operating Slide, Spring , early $4.00
5-c Operating Slide, Stop, late $8.00
5-d Operating Slide, Spring, late 2.00
6 Trigger housing, US GI used stripped, common $75.00 

 Trigger housing, US GI used stripped       various manufactures  , Email for availability

6-a Trigger housing, take down pin. $10.00
6-b Trigger housing , take down pin early w/spring ,  Email for availability  
7  Trigger, common $25.00

  Trigger, various manufactures         Email for availability

7-c             Trigger spring $4.00
7-d              Trigger pin $2.00
7-e              Sear, various manufactures         Email for availability  
7-f              Sear spring, early open end. very limited supply $7.50
7-g              Sear spring $4.00
7-h  Hammer, common, new in wrap, US GI $45.oo
7-j Hammer common, used US GI $35.00
7-k Hammer, marked , various manufactures       Email for availability  
7-L Hammer Spring guide $8.00
7-m Hammer Spring guide, Winchester, rounded sides. $12.00
7-n Hammer Spring , 26 1/2 coil , Late $5.00
7-j Hammer Spring , 22 coil, early      Email for availability  
7-k Hammer pin 5.00
8 Stocks & Hand guards  
8-a M1 Walnut, various  manufactures, used , has  dents, dings, painted numbers or small cracks. Will clean up very good to excellent.  Starting @ $45.00
8-b M1 Walnut 2 rivet hand guards, has  dents, dings, paint or small cracks Starting @ $25.00
8-c M2 , Birch,  mahogany , used , has  dents, dings, painted numbers or small cracks. Will clean up very good to excellent.  Starting @ $45.00
8-d M2 Birch 4 rivet hand guards ,  has dents, dings, small crack  or paint Starting @ $20.00
8-e M2 , Birch,  mahogany , used  w/ hand guard  "Select"                                  ---Starting at-- $75.00
9 Stock hardware  
9-a Barrel band spring $10.00
9-b Recoil plate screw, late $4.00
9-c Recoil plate screw, early $5.00
9-d Recoil plate screw, Winchester,  X or XX marked $10.00
  Recoil  plates  
9-e Inland type 3 $25.00
9-f Inland type  2 $55.00
9-g Winchester type 3 $45.00
9-h Winchester type  2 $75.00
9-j Underwood type  3 $25.00
9-k Underwood type  2 $75.00
9-L Rock Ola type 3 $75.00
9-m Rock Ola type 2 $135.00
9-n Quality Hardware type  3 $45.00
9-o Quality Hardware type  2 $125.00
9-p Irwin Pederson type  3 $125.00
9-q Irwin Pederson type  2 $175.00
9-r Saginaw S'G'  type 3 $125.00
9-s Saginaw S'G'  type  2 $175.00
9-t Saginaw  Gear  type  3 $35.00
9-u Saginaw  Gear  type   2 $75.00
9-v National Postal Meter  type 3 $35.00
9-w National Postal Meter  type  2 $75.00
9-x Standard Products  type  3 $45.00
9-y Standard Products  type   2 $75.00
9-z IBM $35.00
  M-2  parts, for replacement only----NO M2 hammers available  
19 T13 parts set, Slide, stripped trigger  housing, sear, lever, switch, 9 spring, Disc. Blk and Disc spring and plunger $449.95
19-a Disconnector block,  WW2, PI marked  ( Out of Stock ) Call or email for availabllity $140.00
19-b Disconnector block post war, guaranteed to work $79.95
19-c Disconnector  spring and plunger $10.00 
19- Lever, Wi and W marked, US GI (Few Rare RIA mkd $109.95) $94.95
19-d Lever, late, un-marked US GI $79.95
19-e Sear, M2 $25.00
19-d Selector Switch, A marked $69.95
19-e Selector  Switch, Dual marked $99.95
19-f Selector  Switch  Spring $10.00
19-g M2 operating slide $125.00
19-h M2 trigger housing, stripped $125.00
  Training Manual $ 7.00
  Sling, green web,  new reproduction $12.00
  Sling, green web, W/Oiler  new reproduction $ 19.95
  15 round Magazine , new in wrap, US GI      U-marked --Union Hardware, limited ammount $40.00
  30 round  Contract  Magazine,  NOS          Un-Marked $59.95
  15 round Winchester, new in wrap, have a small amount $59.95
  Sling late D-Tip OD Green---Reproduction $12.00
  Sling early C-Tip tan, khaki , reproduction $20.00
  Reproduction $9.00
  Original oilers  --- Un-Marked --guaranteed original $15.00
  Original Marked oilers are hard to find . we have  a few in stock , email for availability and cost  

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