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Sling, green web, new $ 9.95
Sling, heavy duty leather, (natural) $19.95
Sling, leather, new (brown) $19.95
Strippers, 7.62 x 39 10 for $ 11.00
Charger Guide that sets over top of magazine $ 9.00
Gasport Cleaning Tool $ 4.00
Sight Adjustment Tool (Elevation) $ 5.00
Sight Adjustment Tool (Elevation and Windage) $15.00
Buttstock Cleaning Kit $7.50
Tobacco Can Cleaning Kit $ 8.00
Magazine, 5 round                                     out of stock $ 14.95
Magazine, 30 round Chinese                           out of  
Magazine, 30 round Russian Ribbed             stock  
Magazine, 40 round Russian Ribbed  
Drum, 75 round - out of stock  
Bayonet, early with flat wood Grips for early barrel - out of stock  
Bayonet, Late, Combo Wire Cutter $30.00
Scope Set, 4 x 28 with Rings  -out of stock  
AK Wood Set with Pistol Grip (currently not available Feb 21, 1999)  
AK Muzzle Brakes  

Slant, threaded




AK74 Style, threaded


Krinkov Style, threaded

AK Tritium Night Sights    NA at this time $15.00
AK Gas Piston (does not include bolt carrier) $19.95
AK Bolt Carriers  

w/ gas piston semi-auto                  out of stock


w/ gas piston full auto

AK Cleaning Rod $9.95
Upper Hand guard w/Tube    out of stock  
Wood only $9.95

Exotic Ammo 7.62 x 39 (Tracer, Incendiary, etc.) See Exotic Ammo Page

 Paypal not accepted for hi-capacity magazines or ammunition

We have other gun parts for the AK47. Please ask specifically about what you are needing.

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